Wall Street Journal: Surprising Costco Wine Selection

Wall Street Journal recently had a great article on the surprising wine selections at Costco.  Funny and enlightening info.  Check it out here at the link below, or google this title:

Big-Box Barolo? The Wine Surprises of Costco



Luminarc Drinking Glasses



These glasses reminded me of a set of drinking glasses they had at Crate and Barrel when we were doing our wedding registry a few years ago.  If you are looking for an everyday set of glasses, these are hard to beat.  We bought a set about a month ago, and despite two toddlers under five, no breakage.  They are a fairly heavy weight which seem to help avoid chipping and breakage, and look good too.  I discovered these marked down over 20% on my last visit to Costco on Christmas eve.  I think they had a .97 price and are being cleared from inventory, so if you are interested, this may be your last chance.

As an added bonus, they are actually made in the USA!

Oval Jewelry Box – Dark Expresso


I bought two of these this year for Christmas gifts.  Costco offered this jewelry box (or one very similar to it) three or four years ago and I made the mistake of thinking about it before purchasing.  My policy now it to just buy the item if it looks interesting and simply return it if I decide against it later.

My wife has searched for a jewelry box for years which is attractive, yet functional.  We have found jewelry boxes at Macy’s and other retailers which cost over $300 and are not a nice as this Costco buy.  Now, it is not a museum quality box made of Himalayan wood, costing as much as a piece of jewelry itself.  But, it you are looking for an attractive, functional jewelry box that isn’t a piece of furniture, or a piece of artwork, this will do the trick.

The box has a nice, heavy weight, and beveled oval mirror on the top lid, ring storage slots, and two side doors which allow you to hang your necklaces.  I don’t own a necklace, but my wife tells me they end up lost in a box unused, or worse, tangled in an eternal knot.

I grabbed the last one of these as a last minute gift (on Christmas eve) at a Costco store in the D.C. area, with a bonus sale price of almost 30% off.

Tip:  If you see any item with a price ending in $.97, this is Costco code for a clearance item.  It is likely that you will not see the item again if you come back.  I have seen Costco bring an item back occassionally, but as a rule, once an item goes on clearance, it’s gone.

COSTCO EXCLUSIVE: Speedo Swimming Goggles


Christmas is over, the trimmings are on clearance, and it’s time to start think of swimming and warm weather!

I tend to look for more interesting ways to exercise, and find things to do with 2 boys, so we actually swim through the winter at our local athletic club with an indoor pool.

After a few visits I quickly realized my 42 year old eyes don’t respond as well as they used to after exposed to high doses of chorine and chasing kids under water.

I knew I should wait until after Christmas to buy swimming goggles, but I was desperate.  My last swim session required high amounts of eye drops to restore vision.  So, I purchased a pair of speedo goggles at about $15.00, and like clockwork, Costco brought out these Speedo 3 packs of goggles for the same price.  Great deal.  Typical for Costco, you pay the same price for the item you wanted, you just get 3-4 times more.  Oh well…find these in the middle-rear section of a Costco store near you.

COSCO DEAL: Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup

image-2Costco Rumors Rating: 5 Stars


This is Amy’s staple Organic Lentil Soup!  It is the best soup around in the mind of me, my wife and two boys (four and two years old).  When the kids start rejecting food, we pull out a can of this soup and add some rice, and the devour a bowl and ask for more.

The only downside to this soup is the price.  Costco started carrying this soup at our nearby D.C. area location, but then they disappeared.  I was finishing up a few Christmas shopping items, and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the 8 packs of these gems.  They are about $1.50 a can, which is about HALF the cost at most grocery stores.  I found these at a local BJ’s store, but they bundle it with a mix of another less popular soup.

I picked up 8 cases, pick them up while they last!

Electronics Department

Costco Rumors Rating: 4.5 Stars


Overall, I would rate the electronic products at Costco above average.  The products tend to be the more quality built products from all the manufacturers.  I currently have a Toshiba 42 Flatscreen which has made it through 4 years as our primary TV.

We don’t watch a lot of TV, but we do frequently watch movies in the evening, and allow our two boys some limited TV time.  However, it always seems to be left on during the day and cycles our photos from our Apple TV.

Anyway it has worked flawless thus far, and seems very durable through several moves and flying toys.  At the time it was a good value.  I will update with more specifics on current offering at Costco.  We paid about $500 for our 42″ Toshiba 1080p Flatscreen, while similar products were in the $700+ price range.

Setup and the menu/remote allows for extreme ease of use for our TV.  My wife freely admits she is confused by most electronics, yet is able to move from TV, DVD, to our AppleTV with ease.  Most of the products at Costco tend to be the same.  As far as selection vs. universe I would say they offer a good variety of offerings.  They have a good selection of Samsung products, which currently has the best products in the Flatscreen and DVD/Blueray category.  They still provide some Sony offerings for those still holding on to the memories of their great products, along with other names such as Visio, Toshiba, and a few others.


Samsung products

Customer Support  (I have yet to use this service, but my brother-in-law had issues with his Sony after a year or so and ended up with a bigger TV and some cash back)