COSTCO EXCLUSIVE: Speedo Swimming Goggles


Christmas is over, the trimmings are on clearance, and it’s time to start think of swimming and warm weather!

I tend to look for more interesting ways to exercise, and find things to do with 2 boys, so we actually swim through the winter at our local athletic club with an indoor pool.

After a few visits I quickly realized my 42 year old eyes don’t respond as well as they used to after exposed to high doses of chorine and chasing kids under water.

I knew I should wait until after Christmas to buy swimming goggles, but I was desperate.  My last swim session required high amounts of eye drops to restore vision.  So, I purchased a pair of speedo goggles at about $15.00, and like clockwork, Costco brought out these Speedo 3 packs of goggles for the same price.  Great deal.  Typical for Costco, you pay the same price for the item you wanted, you just get 3-4 times more.  Oh well…find these in the middle-rear section of a Costco store near you.


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