Oval Jewelry Box – Dark Expresso


I bought two of these this year for Christmas gifts.  Costco offered this jewelry box (or one very similar to it) three or four years ago and I made the mistake of thinking about it before purchasing.  My policy now it to just buy the item if it looks interesting and simply return it if I decide against it later.

My wife has searched for a jewelry box for years which is attractive, yet functional.  We have found jewelry boxes at Macy’s and other retailers which cost over $300 and are not a nice as this Costco buy.  Now, it is not a museum quality box made of Himalayan wood, costing as much as a piece of jewelry itself.  But, it you are looking for an attractive, functional jewelry box that isn’t a piece of furniture, or a piece of artwork, this will do the trick.

The box has a nice, heavy weight, and beveled oval mirror on the top lid, ring storage slots, and two side doors which allow you to hang your necklaces.  I don’t own a necklace, but my wife tells me they end up lost in a box unused, or worse, tangled in an eternal knot.

I grabbed the last one of these as a last minute gift (on Christmas eve) at a Costco store in the D.C. area, with a bonus sale price of almost 30% off.

Tip:  If you see any item with a price ending in $.97, this is Costco code for a clearance item.  It is likely that you will not see the item again if you come back.  I have seen Costco bring an item back occassionally, but as a rule, once an item goes on clearance, it’s gone.


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