Electronics Department

Costco Rumors Rating: 4.5 Stars


Overall, I would rate the electronic products at Costco above average.  The products tend to be the more quality built products from all the manufacturers.  I currently have a Toshiba 42 Flatscreen which has made it through 4 years as our primary TV.

We don’t watch a lot of TV, but we do frequently watch movies in the evening, and allow our two boys some limited TV time.  However, it always seems to be left on during the day and cycles our photos from our Apple TV.

Anyway it has worked flawless thus far, and seems very durable through several moves and flying toys.  At the time it was a good value.  I will update with more specifics on current offering at Costco.  We paid about $500 for our 42″ Toshiba 1080p Flatscreen, while similar products were in the $700+ price range.

Setup and the menu/remote allows for extreme ease of use for our TV.  My wife freely admits she is confused by most electronics, yet is able to move from TV, DVD, to our AppleTV with ease.  Most of the products at Costco tend to be the same.  As far as selection vs. universe I would say they offer a good variety of offerings.  They have a good selection of Samsung products, which currently has the best products in the Flatscreen and DVD/Blueray category.  They still provide some Sony offerings for those still holding on to the memories of their great products, along with other names such as Visio, Toshiba, and a few others.


Samsung products

Customer Support  (I have yet to use this service, but my brother-in-law had issues with his Sony after a year or so and ended up with a bigger TV and some cash back)